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Car Occupancy – Western Europe – Shame on Austria

So I was always trying to figure out the amount of empty seats in the cars on our road and fought through several archives (Eurostat and the likes) until today out of some random kindness google provided me with a link to this page. Continue reading

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Call to action – Wo sind die österreichischen Autostopper-Innen?

Seit etwa einer Woche gibt es AUSFAHRT LINKS als Idee und mit online Präsenz. Seitdem hat die Webseite 183 Besucher und diverse Posts in Summe 15 Likes bekommen. Trotzdem hat mich nur eine Person kontaktiert. Gibt es überhaupt Autostopper-Innen in … Continue reading

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Comparison of drivers A / D / CH

This is what I want to change. Austria is the most hitchhiking unfriendly German speaking country. Would you take a hitchhiker Austria Germany Switzerland No, never. I heared to many stories about it being dangerous 46% 45% 28% Depends on … Continue reading

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For now I am the only person working here. This is a list of tasks that can be done if you join and want to help: Write news about hitchhiking in Austria Write experiences about hitchhiking in Austria Write about … Continue reading

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Thanks for the ride

From Vienna through Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal all around the iberian peninsula and back to Vienna! I didn’t get pictures of all cars but it is still nice!

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A short introduction

Hi. My name is Noah and I live in Vienna since 6 years or so. I am travelling a lot by hitchhiking and I am always eager to meet other hitchhikers. Recently I have been to the Baltics and Poland … Continue reading

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