Impressions and Comments

Some comments and statements from people about hitchhiking in Austria:

Vidmantas: “My personal experience: easy to hh, people are friendly and I made Vienna to Innsbruck with 14 cars in about 11 hours with average waiting time just around 15mins”

Bojan: Waiting time was longerr that is for sure. Every person that stopped me said “I will save you, because average austrian wont” But I had a great time, driving trough all the valeys and villages is quite relaxing.”

Urban: Hitchhiked previuos week Postojna-Liechenstein and back, there via Lienz, back via Verona. Faster than taking a train. That’s it!”

Alessio: I hitch-hiked from the Nickelsdorf border (Austria-Hungary), the Slovenia-Austria border and in the outskirts of Graz. I waited no more than 20 minutes in the last 2 places (in Nickelsdorf a bit longer as nobody was going to Switzerland or Italy…). I’ve actually met a couple of Austrian hitch-hikers but I don’t have the contacts… One of them even made his own raft and used it in the Amazon river. (I’m writing this because this guy may be on this group… I don’t think there are many Austrians who did this )”

Lukas: Austria is more than fine….once i’ve picked up a car from Vienna to Venice (IT)…700km in 5 hours!!!”

Dominic: I am one of the, I believe very few, Austrian hitchhikers. I however live in Germany for a couple of years already. I have hitchhiked close to 50k km around Europe by now and have not met one Austrian hitchhiker yet. Thus your idea of establishing an Austrian hitchhiking club sounds great, to not just promote hitchhiking in a country like Austria, but also to show people what the idea of hitchhiking is actually about.”

Boerke: A couple i know were hitching with their dog, were stopped by police, told that if they weren’t gone when they’d come back (10 mins) they would arrest them. Middle of the Austrian countryside.”

Aaron: I|m a hitchhiker from vienna”

Samantha: I am an austrian hitchhiker from Graz”

Wojtek: I am a hichhiker living in Wien. My experience in hh in Austria is so far not soo good.”

Paulus: me to i had always problems in austria with hikinh,they are so afraid those people”

Isa: yes im an austrian hitchhiker”

Miran: I always had problems to go over Vienna. Where should I hh to direction Brno if I come from Linz or Graz?”

Stefano:I’ve always had good hitchhiking experiences, from Germany heading home to Verona, or from Paris always heading to Italy, I usually pass by Austria, to reach the A22 that from Brennero through the mountains brings you south.
I love hitchhiking through
Austria, when the mix of nature valleys and rivers, and often snow (like last month during Easter holiday), make you enjoy the night, and the cosy tent you pitched, even more, and in summer you can easily sleep outside, behind any gas station or in any green field!
Most of the people speak very good english, and you always enjoy the ride sharing travelin experiences with the driver!

from Innsbruck so many cars head east toward Salzburg, and from there you can easily reach Wien and Bratislava!

Coming from Switzerland, right before Landek there’s a fairly big gas station, with such a good bakery, and you can even walk out of the gas station into the nearest village, you find a big chess board and if you happen to be into chess and you are with your hitch buddy, you definitely need to stop by for a game or two then Innsbruck, it’s such a nice city, and a beer’s always good when you’ve been hitch for long, I always suggest to drop by for a moment, and then you walk to the shopping mall area, next to the Ikea, in the southern part of the city, there you find a small gas station right before the entrance of the highway, from there it’s so easy to get a ride to Italy, or at least till the big gas station at the “Europa Bridge”!

Austria’s a sweet country when it comes to hitchhikin”


One Response to Impressions and Comments

  1. Ming says:

    I hitchhiked twice in Austria, Vienna to Graz and Graz to Salzburg. Both time I found my rides by asking at gas stations. I found that if they are going your way and have extra space, they don’t really mind taking you. Even those who didn’t take me, most of them seem very sorry that they couldn’t help. For the two drivers I shared ride with, I was the first hitchhiker they have picked up. But it shows that even they are not familiar with the concept, they seem to have trust in strangers.

    But from Salzburg I tried to hitchhike on the side of the road but only a car stopped in two hours, and it didn’t take me far. I guess that wasn’t my lucky day!


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