My search for hitchhikers in Austria or why I used to stop at every gasstation

I never thought I would own a car. Besides that, I never thought I would ever have a „real job“. But everything is changing constantly, so I found myself having a car which I needed for driving to my job. I considered this something bad, something that harms the environment and creates a great risk of dying or injury. Driving alone is not only extremely inefficient, but also really boring and owning a car in general makes you get too comfortable. But after discovering that I love to drive cars and changing my dogmatic beliefs, I figured I could use my car for something meaningful. It didn´t happen often that I drove alone, since blablacar and other lift-offering sites are becoming popular. When I was driving alone though, a certain feeling inside me arose. Since I had the power to decide when to stop and who to take with me, I would stop at every gasstation, filled with this hope, that was already a kind of yearning to find a hitchhiker. I know the feelings of excitement, gratitude and trust of sharing a car with an unknown, nice person, getting to know different views upon life and knowing that it´s possible to do it another way. Driving mainly through Austria my yearning for hitchhikers wasn´t satisfied at all and my own active hitchhiking-experiences in Austria support the feeling that society is not really hitchhiker-friendly. Because I want to change that, I will hitchhike more in Austria, to show drivers that hitchhikers are not the ones they should be afraid of and that it´s time to rethink their negative principles about hitchhikers. And as a driver I will continue stopping at every gasstation I can find to show hitchhikers that they are more than welcome.

– Maja

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3 Responses to My search for hitchhikers in Austria or why I used to stop at every gasstation

  1. r says:

    this is amazing! you are a fantastic person!

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  2. Frank says:

    Maja. Sorry, but you won’t change the world. That said, my eagerness to drive my own car is at an all time low ever since I am a car owner. I’m probably better off selling it, but I’m afraid that society might call me, give me a “real job” too and… there you go. I’ll try to avoid that. We all should.

    Giving lifts[edit]

    I thoroughly enjoy giving lifts as well, whenever possible. If I drive, my eyes automatically scan every logical location for hitch-hikers: petrol stations on motorways, bus stops… Sometimes I drive over motorway petrol stations just to be sure that I can offer a lift in case there is a hitch-hiker.



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