Car Occupancy – Western Europe – Shame on Austria


To all the people of Austria that have ever taken hitchhikers, take hitchhiker or will take hitchhikers: THANK YOU! You make hitchhiking in Austria a beautiful and unique experience! Please keep on beeing that awesome and friendly!

So I was always trying to figure out the amount of empty seats in the cars on our road and fought through several archives (Eurostat and the likes) until today out of some random kindness google provided me with a link to this page.

  • Would you have thought that Austria as that superb, modern, ecological country that it always tries to be has is actually worst when it comes to using cars efficiently?
  • Can you see the slight decrease in occupancy over the years? What du you think that means? You think carpooling, carsharing, “Mitfahrgelegenheit” aka blablacar and the likes are making the situation better?

Sorry to say so, but shame on you, my not so dear Austria. Especially if I compare that information to the statistics of hitchhiking friendlyness in Austria compared to other German speaking countries!

Get shitloads of Data from their homepage to play around and spread the word!

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