A short introduction

My name is Noah and I live in Vienna since 6 years or so. I am travelling a lot by hitchhiking and I am always eager to meet other hitchhikers. Recently I have been to the Baltics and Poland and heared about hitchhiking clubs and hitchhiking races, also races in Norway and Germany came to my attention. I think this is a very nice thing and now I have a plan:

Since hitchhiking is not very popular in Austria and there is like really no lobbying for it I want to create a plattform where Austrian hitchhikers and hitchhikers in Austria can share experiences and interests. Also I want people on this platform to help me organize hitchhiking races and/or hitchhiking related events.

The basic opinion in the people’s minds in Austria about hitchhiking seems to be
– dangerous
– dangerous
– nobody will take you
– I will never take a hitchhiker
– and because its so dangerous

I want to change that. I want to start a movement towards a better understanding of hitchhiking, create a spirit of taking hitchhikers as a non-profit orientated way of doing something good. I also want to keep distance to car-sharing plattforms because of a slowly rising attitude of only sharing for money, only seeing the monetary value and profit of sharing a car with a stranger.

And I am looking for help. I would like to have a core team of changing people that like to publish their hitchhiking adventures on this blog or write general things about hitchhiking and tell the world about why they do it and what benefit they get out of it.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or just leave a comment if you like!

email: arche1@gmx.at
Facebook: Herbert Stelzer

All the best!

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